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  • I served with the US Coast Guard out of high school including time in the Gulf war before I went to college in Syracuse NY.  Unfortunately, before I could finish life got in the way, and I left before I got my degree.... Read Full Testimonial

    Alan Wood
    Alan Wood Reconnector
  • My name is Brittany L. Greene, I have been asked by TN Reconnect to share my story. My journey started May 23rd 2007, I was a terrified 16 year old who had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Between being a single mother... Read Full Testimonial

    Brittany Greene
    Brittany Greene Reconnector
  • I have had epilepsy for 27 years. Right out of high school, I raised three boys on my own. I was living day to day on disability, then three years ago... Read Full Testimonial
    Lisa Sizemore
    Lisa Sizemore Reconnector
  • Hello, My name is Crystal Guthrie. I just recently graduated from college. I have to say it's not easy. It's hard work and dedication, and If it wasn't for my son, I wouldn't have gotten this far... Read Full Testimonial

    Crystal Guthrie
    Crystal Guthrie Reconnector
  • Teresa Goodin Reconnector