My name is Brittany L. Greene, I have been asked by TN Reconnect to share my story with all of you reading.

My journey started May 23rd 2007, I was a terrified 16 year old who had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Between being a single mother, working and dealing with post-partum depression I was unable to attend school or get to my high school diploma. Not finishing high school was something I absolutely hated to do but it was inevitable at the time. Some time went by, I married and we had another beautiful baby girl. I was 18, married with two babies to care for and working full time. At the age of 21 I filed for a divorce from the girl’s father after years of struggles, my girls and myself were finally on the right track. In 2012 I met Christopher, my now boyfriend of over 4 years. When I finally told him my whole story and how I had dropped out of school to raise my daughter and hadn’t received my diploma he stayed on me to contact our local adult education center. Finally, in November 2016 I took my Hi-Set exam and got my high school equivalate diploma. It was right after that I contacted TN Reconnect about furthering my education, they have been a God send. Terri has helped me numerous times and still helps me when I’m just absolutely stuck and don’t know where to turn. Terri was even in contact with my math professor when I was struggling and helped me get tutoring so I wouldn’t fail the class. With help, I was able to pull a starting grade of “F” to a final grade of “A” in my math class. I am so thankful for Terri and the TN Reconnect team. I am now well on my way to having my dream job as a Registered Nurse and I have TN Reconnect to thank for that! No matter your situation, no matter the obstacles you can do this!